Metal Surface Finish Treatment Performed by OMI Qualified Vendors

At Overlanders Manufacturing L.P. we offer complete turnkey services to take your parts from design to completion. We provide metal surface finish treatment services in Abbotsford, including metal painting.Our surface preparation and finishing services include:



Overlanders has one of the most technologically advanced powdercoating systems in the Pacific Northwest. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes a five stage wash and rinse process that uses zirconium-based chemistry that is phosphate-free, uses low energy, and is classified as non-hazardous. This process reduces energy consumption and waste treatment costs.


Similar to alodining, anodizing uses an electrochemical process to bond an additional layer of the same metal to a base. Anodizing can convert the metal surface of metals such as aluminum, titanium and magnesium into a corrosion-resistant, decorative, and durable finish. Anodizing is not simply a surface application like painting or plating, instead it is Integrated fully into the underlying aluminum substrate making it resistant to chipping and peeling, which makes for an ideal metal surface finish treatment.


Electroplating includes the attachment of a thin layer of metal, such as chrome, iridium or zinc, to the surface of another base metal, such as aluminum. Electric conduction is used to chemically bond the two metals seamlessly.


Before silk-screening, we apply a powder coat to prime the metal for the silk-screen application. These processes are completed by OMI qualified vendors using a Wagner semi-automated SuperCube booth with powder reclaim capabilities.Contact us today to design your custom metal fabrication project. We will walk you through the process for uploading files to our FTP site for production.


As a measure to prevent corrosion, aluminum is treated with a chemical known as alodine. Once alodine hardens, the coating can last for years without needing another application. Alodine can maintain electrical conductivity and can be used as a primer for layers of paint.


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